Polytechnics Mauritius

Polytechnics Mauritius provide dynamic courses and customized to the needs & demands of the world of work in Mauritius and beyond.

Reduit, Montagne Blanche and Pamplemousses , Mauritius


Imagine a place where you feel motivated to study, where industry interacts regularly with students, where trainers and lecturers go back into Industry through externships to refine their craft, where students travel to industry visits to learn about latest work practices in a stress-free atmosphere, where students are invited to take the lead although they may not be ready and feel okay to try and fail without reprimand, where lecturers do not face down students as the “know-it-alls” but indulge in an exchange of knowledge and challenge them to think differently, where students can also let loose on campus and have a fun time. We firmly believe at the Polytechnics that having fun and doing serious work are not mutually exclusive. Above all, students are oriented towards a holistic curriculum not because extra-curriculars are common place but because if structured well, they help to forge the personality and character of students and turn them into the managers and leaders of tomorrow. Such a place exists…that’s right! In 2017, the Government of Mauritius through the then Ministry of Education and Human Resources, Tertiary Education and Scientific Research (now, Ministry of Education, Tertiary Education, Science and Technology) launched Polytechnics Mauritus Ltd (PML), a state-owned enterprise with a sole purpose. To bridge the gap of middle to high skills and deliver on the emerging needs of Government and Industry for a qualified and skilled human talent at the mid-professional level through higher technical education. Programmes at PML are dynamic and customized to the needs of the world of work. Industry is involved at the start i.e. at the stage of programme design and throughout delivery until the end. As a constant partner, mentor and coach in the learning process, Industry’s influence is matched only by its accountability in ensuring that the education stays current, topical and relevant every step of the way. Through a diversified and multi-campus structure, PML focuses on different priority sectors of economic activity. Reduit, nestled close to the CyberCity is home to the ICT and Emerging Technology cluster; Montagne Blanche focuses on Tourism and Hospitality, Cruise Management and Pamplemousses, situated in the Medical Hub next to the Cardiac Unit and SSRN Hospital, harbours the Allied Health, Nursing and Paramedics cluster as well as the Engineering and Logistics vertical. Each campus is endowed with State-of-the-Art and innovative “Skills Labs” and “Design Spaces” to create thinking doers.

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Acceptance rate 50%

Documents Required

Undergraduate Scanned copies of educational certificates, Scanned copies of birth certificate, Scanned copy of bio data page of passport, english certificate
Postgraduate Scanned copies of educational certificates, Scanned copies of birth certificate, Scanned copy of bio data page of passport, english certificate

Intake month(s)

Undergraduate March, September
Postgraduate March, September
E-Mail Address contact@poly.ac.mu
Phone no. +230 4600705
Website https://poly.ac.mu/
Accomodation Unavailable (On-Campus)


Application fee 1000 MUR


Application fee 1000 MUR