University of Mauritius – UOM
Course : MSc – Coastal and Ocean Management
Area of study : Science Langue d'enseignement : English Licence required
MSc – Coastal and Ocean Management
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Provide students with advanced knowledge on various aspects of coastal and ocean management, which will stimulate them in their own professional development, as well as in promoting the sustainable development of ocean and marine resources; Generate enthusiastic graduates who can consider further studies such as MPhil/PhD degrees to build higher level capabilities in ocean economics.

Admission criteria
  • Bachelor's Degree in marine science and technology, environmental engineering, biology, or other related fields from a recognized institution of higher learning.
  • Or equivalent qualifications acceptable to the UoM.
Application fee

75800 MUR / year


2 ans



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University of Mauritius – UOM

  • Acquire advanced knowledge in coastal and ocean management;
  • Master the jargon of the subject and develop skills to express their acquired knowledge in written and oral form, with appropriate referencing of information sources;
  • Develop scientific problem-solving skills, critical thinking skills, and technical skills in coastal and ocean management;
  • Critically evaluate and analyze data and scientific literature;
  • Develop the ability to propose innovative and creative solutions to real-world problems in the ocean sector;
  • Develop teamwork skills and work effectively in diverse groups;
  • Acquire general employability skills such as: teamwork, self-management, problem solving, application of numeracy and statistics, application of information technology, communication skills, respect and ethics.
Professional opportunities
  • Marine Law Attorney
  • Environmental Educator
  • Conservation Advocate
  • Government Agency Researcher/Analyst
  • Outreach and Communications Specialist
  • Natural Resource Management and Policy Developer
Course contents

year 1 - Semestre 1

  • Integrated coastal and ocean management
  • Law of the sea and ocean governance
  • Coastal risks and disasters

year 1 - Semestre 2

  • Coastal and Ocean Ecosystems and Resources
  • Remote sensing and SIG

year 2 - Semestre 3

  • Sustainability of oceans and coasts
  • Marine pollution and ecotoxicology
  • Fisheries Management
  • Research Projects