MCCI Business School, Maurice
Course : Licence Tourisme et Culture
Area of study : Tourism and hotel industry Langue d'enseignement : Français Bacc required
Licence Tourisme et Culture
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This program takes into account the evolution of the tourism market at the global level and is a response to the new needs of the Mauritian tourism sector. The teaching formula for this third year of the Bachelor's degree will be adapted to accommodate both full-time and part-time students and continuing education students.

Admission criteria
  • HSC/BAC + 2 (Diploma, BTS or equivalent)
  • HSC/BAC with several years of experience for professionals
Application fee

4500 EUR / year


1 ans



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MCCI Business School, Maurice

  • Set up with the Higher Studies in Tourism and Hospitality of the University of Angers (ESTHUA), the degree is distinguished by its focus on emerging markets (China and India) by offering courses in Mandarin or Hindi as well as on the history and current status of Chinese/Indian tourism practices. This course is also focused on tourism and leisure and will focus on the use of social media in the promotion of tourism products.
Professional opportunities
  • Assistant tourism product manager
  • Tourism product manager
  • Travel agency advisor
  • Consultant
  • Hotel manager
  • Receptionist
  • Travel agency manager
  • Tour Operator
Course contents

year 1 - Semestre 1

  • Anglais (Techniques d’expression écrite et orale en anglais)
  • Informatique, création de sites et supports de communication
  • Economie et management des organisations
  • Analyse financière et comptable
  • Coût, budget, contrôle de gestion
  • Négociation commerciale
  • Projet individuel de formation
  • Orienter son projet professionnel
  • Conférences professionnelles
  • Sciences sociales appliquées au tourisme et loisirs
  • Tourisme et mondialisation
  • Tourisme et aménagement en contextes insulaires
  • Tourisme et transport
  • Diversification des produits touristiques et hôteliers