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Frequently asked questions

General information
Tuition fees can range from $1,200 to $11,000 per year depending on what and where you want to study. In most cases, tuition at public universities is lower than at private universities.
Mauritius and Rwanda are among the safest countries in Africa, and offer quality education. Tuition fees are also affordable in these countries.
Approximately $250-$350 per month on average.
Documentation may vary by institution, but in general the following documents are required:
  • High school diploma and transcripts
  • High school transcripts
  • Passport
  • Certificate of English, in English-speaking institutions
  • Certificate of French, in French schools
After submitting all your documents and paying your application fee, xxx will send your documents to the institutions you have selected for processing.
At this point, you have done everything you need to do. We take care of everything, including communication with the institutions of your choice.
When Mapwess obtains your acceptance letter, we will notify you and assist you throughout the visa application process.
You must prove that you have sufficient financial means to pay
Yes, a student should have a visa to study in Mauritius and Rwanda.
An admission letter/acceptance letter is a letter issued by the university indicating that you have been accepted into the program(s) for which you applied
To get your admission letter, you must apply to a university of your choice. Mapwess is your partner to help you apply to universities abroad.
It depends on each university, but generally the application fee should be paid at the time the student applies. The application fee is non-refundable.
However, the tuition should be paid once the student has received the acceptance letter.
About Mapwess
Mapwess allows you to apply to many programs and universities around the world in just a few clicks.
The Mapwess service fee is $70 per university that you apply to through Mapwess.